Gold Coast Security Service


Providing Queensland Security Services to suit all requirements.

P & G SECURITY aims to deliver the highest quality Queensland Security Service through shifting focus from the “bouncer” style of security to more sophisticated and professional Security Officers.

Our staff are the frontline of P & G SECURITY, and therefore are the people that will have the most contact with our clients. It is imperative that each staff member presents in a highly competent manner, upholding our professional and ethical standards as an ambassador of P & G SECURITY.

All security personnel at P & G SECURITY are trained and instructed rigorously with our in-house policies and procedures, including OH+S, First Aid, conflict resolution and emergency response. This is addition to the legislative requirements placed on each guard to maintain a Security Licence. All Security Personnel are bound by the P & G SECURITY Code of Ethics. These are as follows:

  • The primary professional responsibility of a P & G Security Officer is the protection, preservation and the safety of all people, equipment and property that the officer is tasked with.
  • Security Officers shall strive to achieve the standards of professional excellence set by P & G Security for their industry, themselves and of course, for P & G Security.
  • Common sense, dignity and professionalism are imperative characteristics to maintain throughout all duties, in particular, when in uniform.
  • At all times, P & G Security employees must adhere to all applicable laws in relation to their duties and assert their professional industrial and civil rights in the maintenance of such Laws.
  • All P & G Security employees/contractors will strive to maintain a high level of professionalism and excellence through their work duties, personal presentation and courtesy.
  • Regardless of time constraints, conditions or location issues, P & G Security professionals must carry out their duties to the best of their ability, providing it is in a safe environment.

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